Swimming Lessons in Toms River, New Jersey

Kids swimming in pool - Hilltop Nursery Schools in Toms River, NJ
The Aquatics Program at Hilltop Nursery Schools in Toms River, New Jersey, now offers swimming lessons to children of all ages and skill levels. Since September 2010, we have offered all children enrolled in the after school program free recreational swim time.

Aquatics Program

Whether you are a beginner, immediate, or advanced swimmer, you can engage in swimming lessons at Hilltop Nursery Schools. If your child is interested in participating, feel free to give us a call about session dates, class times, and pricing.

Pool Parties

Under our aquatics program we also offer pool parties on Saturdays. You can also host your child's birthday party at our day care facility. Having a party here is fun for all ages, is very affordable, and presents your child and his or her guests with a nontraditional venue to enjoy.

During the party, you will have exclusive access to our pool, playgrounds, and party area for two hours. We guarantee to book only one party at a time, so the entire space is for you and your 15 guests to enjoy. You may add additional guests, but there will be an additional fee. There will be an on-site Red Cross Certified Lifeguard and party assistant to ensure you, your child, and guests enjoy your time stress free.
Contact us today in Toms River, New Jersey, for more information about our swimming lessons.